Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Rain when sea temperatures are greater than minimum air temperatures

Cape Town is one city where the minimum (night) temperatures are generally colder than the sea temperatures (see photo). This means that if you can create a spray over the sea with floating spray pumps at night you will have this situation: The warmer sea will have a spray "mist cloud" of low elevation over the sea. This cloud will capture radiation from the sea (greenhouse effect, with sea hotter than air above) and warm up, because clouds are good absorbers of infrared radiation. So at night the air will become warm and humidified. During the next day the land will heat up and a sea breeze will develop (at about midday). The warm moist air will blow onto land and the hot land will heat this moist air from below, increasing chances of rain. I am trying to get other countries interested in this concept, so perhaps South Africa will be able to observe what happens in other countries. 
See http://www.asterism.org/tutorials/tut37%20Radiative%20Cooling.pdf to gain insight to the radiation effect from the sea.
Many cities have this property.
See photo for Cape Town below.

Note that sea spray is natural and occurs in massive amounts when wind blows over the sea.

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