Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cooling Earth using hot water

Changing local weather using solar energy to cool Earth: By far, most of the heat that Earth absorbs is going into the ocean. When the sun is overhead the ocean absorbs practically all of the solar energy that falls upon it. Because low level clouds in lower latitudes are associated with cooling of the Earth a method to get low level clouds to form in warmer regions would help a lot. Warm water floats on the top of colder water so if you had a floating surface that water was pumped onto (perhaps using pumps driven by wave motion) and you heated the water with mirrors reflecting solar energy onto the floating surface you could let this warm water run into the sea. It would float on the surface of the sea increasing relative humidity and low level clouds would form. In fact, the higher the relative humidity, the lower clouds will start forming (see Espy's equation).

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