Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hot roof to reduce global warming

Well I have been advocating growing trees in deserts to take carbon dioxide out of the air. But to grow trees you need rain. My personal device to create rain will be illustrated, but first let me point out that research shows that cool roofs are reducing rainfall — see  My personal device is a sort of hot roof. It consists of a black sheet of plastic to absorb solar energy and another sheet of plastic with a shiny surface. The black sheet is placed a few centimetres above the sheet of plastic with a shiny metal surface that reflects heat back to the black sheet -see  to see how it works. This two sheet plastic device is made so it can easily be fitted to roofs. It will be very cheap to make. Air will heat up between the two plastic sheets and rise by natural convection, increasing convectional rain. The clouds formed will cool Earth. If this is two-sheet device is placed on the sand in deserts and on every rooftop more rain will result and trees can be grown in deserts and other places. Here is some more evidence that colour of land affects rainfall: 

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